Vijay Balchandani's Awesome Course Project

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A three-legged walker. The idea is to emulate the movement of a person on crutches. The idea was inspired by a tasteless joke I made in class. Thankfully, only Dr. Regli and the guy behind me heard it.

Week 1:

I dicked around a lot

Week 2:

I made the physical model. Feast your eyes. Tell your friends.

Photo 39.jpg

Photo 40.jpg

Photo 41.jpg

Week 3:

I tried working with IDEAS some more. I was helping out Megan (no matter what she says) and this program makes no damn sense. It's worse than programming in Maple. Seriously, it's completely bass-ackwards. You import your parts from the library, and if you need to move one you click on a piece to select it, then right click and hit 'Done.' Jigga what? How am I done? I haven't even started anything. Then, after you're 'done' you click on move, click on the same piece, then click where you want it to move - as long as it's to a point on another piece. Then, it rotates around whichever axis you told it to (whether or not you realize you had provided this information) and you're still left with a mess of gray legos that loosely resemble a genetic algorithm's worst-fit candidates turned inside out. This goes on for a while, and I start daydreaming about what it would be like to study business or haberdashery. Then, IDEAS tells me there's not enough scratch space and takes a dump on what little patience I may have left. It will do this repeatedly. It will command your soul. I don't think I've learned much about computer-based modeling from this, but I've earned an honorary PhD in vulgar expletives and table pounding. So, in conclusion, IDEAS killed my inner child. I'm buying a gun.

Week 9 or 10...?

I made a model in ADAMS. It's practically groundbreaking.

Here's a vid