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Executive Summary

This section is much like an abstract and summarizes the entire report


This section should include an introduction of the product and a brief description of group members (i.e. who was responsible for which sections or tasks)

Before Disassembly Section

General notes about the product (it's condition, how it works, how many parts, types of materials, etc)

Disassembly Procedure

  • Document each step to disassemble the product
  • How difficult was each disassembly step?
  • What types of tools were required to perform this step?
  • Include a picture of each disassembly step

After Disassembly

Part Table, including:

  • Part number
  • Part name
  • Number of parts of this type
  • Part material
  • Part manufacturing process
  • Image of the part
  • CAD file for selected parts

This is an example table

This is the table title
This is Column Header 1 This is Column Header 2 This is Column Header 3
This starts Row 1 Width values (in pixels) in header are used to designate the width of the column Double vertical lines separate columns in rows.
This starts Row 2 "br" in brackets
break lines. Wiki sometimes ignores blank lines.
Some html tags can be used, but not many. Notice the align equals center tag at the beginning of the row. It centers the text, but doesn't work for the third column. I don't know why.
This starts Row 3 Image tags are in this format:

Double brackets "[["
Image name
| = Vertical Line

The following order is not important, as long as each is separated by a vertical line:

  • Horizontal position (left, center, right)
  • Thumb (to create clickable thumbnail that links to fullsize image), don't include to make a fullsize
  • Size denoted in pixels (if desired)
  • You can add a caption if there is a thumbnail

Then close with double brackets "]]"

Broken links show up in red.

This is thumbnail
Camera disassembly 4.jpg

This is a resized image, not a thumbnail
This starts Row 4 Notice the repeating code for every row? It's important. A vertical line and a dash indicate the start of a new row. An exclamation point indicates the first column. You can put the entire row onto a single line, but it's easier to read if you break it up. Again, wiki usually ignores new paragraphs. Make sure to end the table correctly (verticle line and closed brace). Not doing so might still display the table, but nothing that comes afterwards.


  • Document each step to reassemble the product
  • How difficult was each assembly step?
  • What types of tools were required to perform this step?

After Assembly

  • Does it still work?
  • If not, why?


APA Style