Table 1 Questions - (Group 10)

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Gate 3 - Product Analysis (Group 10)


These questions are the questions which we sought to answer for each of the eight parts in the Product Analysis.


\'\'\'Component Function\'\'\'
  • What function does the component perform?
  • Does the component help to perform multiple functions?
  • What flows are associated with the component?
  • What environment does the component function in?
\'\'\'Component Form (Geometry, Material, and Appearance)\'\'\'
  • What is the general shape of the component?
  • Does it have any notable properties (e.g. axis-symetric)?
  • Is it primarily one, two, or three dimensional?
  • How large is the component (L x W x H)?
  • How is the component’s shape coupled to the function the component performs?
  • What does the component (roughly) weigh?
  • What material is the component made from?
  • Did manufacturing decisions impact this?
  • Is a specific material property needed for it to function?
  • How did global, societal, economic, and environmental factors influence the decision?
  • What are the aesthetic properties of the component?
  • Does the component have an aesthetic purpose?
  • What color is the component and why?
  • What type of surface finish does the component have?
  • Is this for functional or aesthetic reasons?||
\'\'\'Manufacturing Methods\'\'\'
  • What manufacturing methods were used to make the part?
  • What evidence supports this?
  • Did material choice impact this decision?
  • Did shape impact the method selected?
  • How did global, societal, economic, and environmental factors influence the decision?||
\'\'\'Component Complexity\'\'\'
  • How complex is each component?
  • Define a meaningful scale?
  • How do the three categories above impact complexity?
  • How complex are the interactions?
  • How can you define a meaningful scale?||