Table 1 Questions - (Group 10)

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Component Function

What function does the component perform? Does the component help to perform multiple functions? What flows are associated with the component? What environment does the component function in?

Component Form (Geometry, Material, and Appearance)

What is the general shape of the component? Does it have any notable properties (e.g. axis-symetric)? Is it primarily one, two, or three dimensional? How large is the component (L x W x H)? How is the component’s shape coupled to the function the component performs? What does the component (roughly) weigh? What material is the component made from? Did manufacturing decisions impact this? Is a specific material property needed for it to function? How did global, societal, economic, and environmental factors influence the decision? What are the aesthetic properties of the component? Does the component have an aesthetic purpose? What color is the component and why? What type of surface finish does the component have? Is this for functional or aesthetic reasons?||

Manufacturing Methods

What manufacturing methods were used to make the part? What evidence supports this? Did material choice impact this decision? Did shape impact the method selected? How did global, societal, economic, and environmental factors influence the decision?||

Component Complexity

How complex is each component? Define a meaningful scale? How do the three categories above impact complexity? How complex are the interactions? How can you define a meaningful scale?||