Swingline deluxe

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Sw transparent.jpg

Manufacturer: ACCO Brand

Model: Swingline deluxe desk stapler

Model Number: 64665

Staples: Accepts standard staples

Capability: 2-20 sheets

Additional features:

  • Contoured shape for stapling comfort
  • Loads full strip of staples
  • Metal base for enhanced durability and stability

CAD Assembly and 3D PDF Assembly

Sw deluxe.jpg

Swingline deluxe 3D PDF Disassembly Animation

Swingline deluxe 3D PDF Assembly

Click here to download the full CAD Assembly model of the Swingline deluxe (unzip the files in the same folder):

Swingline deluxe Assembly

Disassembly Analysis

Swingline deluxe Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name # Req'd CAD File 3D PDF Image
1 Base 1 Base Base
Sw base.jpg
2 Bottom 1 Bottom Bottom
Sw bottom.jpg
3 Magazine Track 1 Magazine Track Magazine Track
Sw mag track.jpg
4 Magazine Cap 1 Magazine Cap Magazine Cap
Sw mag cap.jpg
5 Magazine Top 1 Magazine Top Magazine Top
Sw mag top.jpg
6 Staple Advance 1 Staple Advance Staple Advance
Sw st adv.jpg
7 Hinge Pin 1 Hinge Pin Hinge Pin
Sw pin.jpg
8 Anvil 1 Anvil Anvil
Sw anvil.jpg
9 Anvil Pin 1 Anvil Pin Anvil Pin
Sw anvil pin.jpg
10 Recoil Spring 1 Recoil Spring Recoil Spring
Sw recoil sp.jpg
11 Recoil Spring Pin 1 Recoil Spring Pin Recoil Spring Pin
Sw recoil pin.jpg
12 Strike Plate 1 Strike Plate Strike Plate
Sw strike pl.jpg
13 Track Spring 1 Track Spring Track Spring
Sw track sp.jpg
14 Handle 1 Handle Handle
Sw handle.jpg