Single-Use Cameras

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Product Dissection: Single-Use Cameras

Title for the course


The single-use or disposable camera is a simple box camera sold with a roll of film installed, meant to be used once. Most use focus free lenses. Some are equipped with an integrated flash unit, and there are even waterproof versions for underwater photography. Internally, the cameras use a 135 film or an APS cartridge [Source:]. Kodakpictures.jpg


-To explore how an single-use camera works and to see the differences between cameras from different manufacturers.

-Freshman or sophomore level students of all engineering majors


Dr. Simpson


The Pennsylvania State University

Activity Classfication

Activity Classification
Cross-Cutting Concepts Congnitive Dimension Tech Topic Area - Engineering
○ Systems ● Knowledge ○ Medical
○ Bio-based
● Design ○ Capabilities ○ Engergy & Power
○ Info Tech & Comm
○ Connections ○ Decision-making ○ Transfortation
● Manufacturing & Const

Teaching Materials

Background and reference materials: assembly drawing and parts listFileicon-pdf.png

Course handout: Lab activityFileicon-pdf.png

Lecture: How Cameras WorkPpt-icon.gif

Supporting Wiki Pages: Kodak Waterproof One-Time-Use Camera, Group 32 - Kodak Funsaver Camera, Group 7 - Kodak Disposable Camera, Group 10 - Kodak Flash Camera