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See N Say is a children's toy where the user pulls a lever causing the wheel to spin and play animal noises. It has about 35 distinct parts.

How It Works

When the input lever of the See 'N Say toy is pulled down it also moves the rack gear inside the toy. The rack gear then engages with the voice activation bar which raises the activation gear up. The activation gear has a little protrusion on it which, when raised by the voice activation bar, engages with the main circuit board and produces the proper output sound through the speaker.

To produce different letter sounds one must turn the red flipper over. When the flipper is flipped over, a different set of outputs is prodcued corresponding to the letters on the flipper. This is done by switching the contact on the letter circuit board inside the bottom flipper hold down fixture.

The purpose of the flywheel in the See 'N Say toy is to allow for a slower return of the input handle after the handle is pulled.


--add bill of materials table

  • Activation Gear
  • Activation Gear Insert
  • Activation Gear Spring
  • Battery Back
  • Battery Back Gasket
  • Blue Contact Support
  • Circuit Board
  • Circuit Board Hold Down Fixture
  • Flipper
  • Flipper Hold Down
  • Flipper Hold Down (with metal contact)
  • Flipper Insert
  • Flywheel
  • Front Casing
  • Gear Train
  • Gear Train Hold Down Fixture
  • Input Handle
  • Input Return Spring
  • Large Pan Head Screw
  • Letter Circuit Hold Down Fixture
  • Letter Switch Circuit Board
  • Medium Pan Head Screw
  • Metal Contact
  • Outer Housing Pan Head Screw
  • Pinion Gear
  • Pinion Setter
  • Pinion Setter Hold Down Fixture
  • Pinion Setter Holder
  • Rack Gear
  • Rack Hold Down Fixture
  • Rear Housing
  • Small Flat Head Screw
  • Small Pan-Washer Head Screw
  • Speaker
  • Speaker Mount
  • Spinner
  • Spinner Hold Down Fixture
  • Voice Activation Bar


-animation videos


-packaged zipped files

-upload packaged files

See N Say Toy - Alibre 3D

Seensay Dissection Animation.wmv

STL too big to upload

need to package individual parts

See N Say Toy - 3D Models in STEP

See N Say Toy - 3D models in ACIS

See N Say Toy - 3D IGS

--finish Gear Train 2D

--Finish front casing 2D

--part of 2D packaged and loaded