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--Finish front casing 2D
--Finish front casing 2D
--part of 2D packaged and loaded

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--need assembled photo



See N Say is a children's toy where the user pulls a lever causing the wheel to spin and play animal noises. It has about 35 distinct parts.

How It Works



--add bill of materials table

  • Activation Gear
  • Activation Gear Insert
  • Activation Gear Spring
  • Battery Back
  • Battery Back Gasket
  • Blue Contact Support
  • Circuit Board
  • Circuit Board Hold Down Fixture
  • Flipper
  • Flipper Hold Down
  • Flipper Hold Down (with metal contact)
  • Flipper Insert
  • Flywheel
  • Front Casing
  • Gear Train
  • Gear Train Hold Down Fixture
  • Input Handle
  • Input Return Spring
  • Large Pan Head Screw
  • Letter Circuit Hold Down Fixture
  • Letter Switch Circuit Board
  • Medium Pan Head Screw
  • Metal Contact
  • Outer Housing Pan Head Screw
  • Pinion Gear
  • Pinion Setter
  • Pinion Setter Hold Down Fixture
  • Pinion Setter Holder
  • Rack Gear
  • Rack Hold Down Fixture
  • Rear Housing
  • Small Flat Head Screw
  • Small Pan-Washer Head Screw
  • Speaker
  • Speaker Mount
  • Spinner
  • Spinner Hold Down Fixture
  • Voice Activation Bar


-animation videos


-packaged zipped files

-upload packaged files

See N Say Toy - Alibre 3D Models.zip

Seensay Dissection Animation.wmv

STL too big to upload

need to package individual parts

See N Say Toy - 3D Models in STEP Format.zip

See N Say Toy - 3D models in ACIS Format.zip

See N Say Toy - 3D IGS Files.zip

--finish Gear Train 2D

--Finish front casing 2D

--part of 2D packaged and loaded