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Title(s): SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics

Version ID: 1.1

Date released: 2003-01-14

Date: 2001-09-04

Creator(s): W3c

Contributor(s): Chris Liley


Description: Format for describing 2d graphics in xml.

History: Initiated in 1998, V1.0 released 2001-09-04, V1.1 released 2003-01-14, V1.2 currently in beta.

Example(s): SVG Examples

Identifier: PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN"

Documentation: SVG Documentation

File Extensions: .svg .svgz


Format: image/svg+xml

Rights: Free with Attribution and Share-alike

Sustainability Factors:

  • Standardization: - Information regarding standardization attempts with this format.
  • Adoption: - Information about how this format has been adopted by other organizations.
  • External dependencies: XML

Typical use: Scalable images, Vector Graphics

File classification:

References: [[References:: SVG Documentation ]]