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Notes on how to set up to use Eclipse IDE to develop for iRobot Roomba. You can follow the steps below or just download, extract, and import this Eclipse project.



Below is a shortcut method to set up Eclipse IDE Instead of using the pseudo-Java development tools provided by Processing The basic idea is to:

  • Get Processing to work with Roomba. (i.e. follow procedures from Processing
  • Copy the roombacomm libraries into a new Eclipse workspace
  • Configure the classpaths
  • Configure run paths through Eclipse


There's probably more detail required here...

Install Processing

Create Eclipse Project

  1. Create a new Eclipse project using the "New Project Wizard"
  2. Copy /Applications/Processing 0123/libraries/roombacomm/library/* into the newly created Eclipse Project
  3. Add RXTXcomm.jar to buildpath
  4. Add roombacomm classes to buildpath
    • roombacomm.jar to buildpath. OR
    • rename "roombacomm.jar Folder" to "classes" and add as a src folder

Configure Execution within Eclipse

Any main class that will run Roomba code must add a VM argument to use the RXTX JNI libraries correctly.


Tested with a Macbook C2D, Bluetooth, Mac OS 10.4, Sun Java 1.5. If you have gotten your computer to connect to a Roomba and used the Processing dev environment, then there is no reason why you would not be able to get Eclipse IDE to work too.


  • Todd E Kurt. connecting via bluetooth. roombacomm/processing
  • Processing
  • Rxtx
  • JNI