Robot Lab (Spring 2012)

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Class Information

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Mailing List

Git Repository

git clone ssh://<USER>

Where <USER> is your Tux user name.


ROS (Robot Operating System)

ROS (Robot Operating System)


The ROS stack for hooking up to the pioneer.

Installing After following the directions above, we have to set the p2os/port to our cable's device name:

$ rosparam set p2os/port /dev/ttyUSB0


Run on the base:

$ rosrun p2os_driver p2os

Run on the computer controlling the base:

$ rosrun p2os_dashboard p2os_dashboard

If you get an error like:

P2OS connection opening serial port /dev/ttyS0...

This command should fix it:

$ rosparam set p2os/port /dev/ttyUSB0

Localization Links

!! - Updated April 19th

Motion and Path Planning


point cloud library

robot commands

after starting the p2os driver and everything, you can control the robot via keyboard with:

$ roslaunch p2os_launch teleop_keyboard.launch

slam, etc

this diagram is important

currently we don't think we have any sensor transforms

tf references a "world frame" -- is this our map?