Rob Lass's Course Project

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Current Status

The robot is in the correct shape, and the motors have been added. They both work, but I only have one cable for connecting a motor to a Handyboard, so I can't power them both until I find another one. I also need to add the sensors to toggle the motors when the robot's "hump" is fully up, or fully down.

The motors are strong enough to pull the robot in its current form, so I assume that means it is feasible.

Known Problems

The robot will not work on the carpet in my room; there is not enough traction. It works on the tile floor in my kitchen, and I assume that is good enough.


I tried out a number of different animals before I found one that seems feasible. My first idea, a hopping robot, turned out to be too hard to implement with the materials available. I played around with the lego kit one night while going through a biology textbook, and decided to go with an inchworm-like robot.