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In this part of our project we reassembled our products. Overall it was a fairly simple process for us seeing that we have done it a few times. We have done it a few times because to keep track of parts we always reassemble it after taking it apart.

When doing the assembly process our group could only get one sander and not the other to run just as well as they had when our group received them. The battery powered sander runs just as good as it had when we received them. This is because there is not much to go wrong with the sander as long as all of the wires and cords are in good condition. As for the AC sander, the leads broke during reassembly so it will not work. The leads were made of graphite which is not very strong. If new leads are purchased, the sander will be back to working condition.

The dis-assembly and reassembly used the same tools. These tools include a Phillips #2 head screw driver and hands. There were some differences between the two processes, mainly in difficulty. Step 3 of the battery-powered sander was more difficult because it takes an exact amount of force to get the clip in the right way. This is different than in the dis-assembly, where the clip is just taken off. Also, step 6 of the battery-powered sander was more difficult because once again, there was a very particular way that the clip was to be placed where in the dis-assembly clip was just taken out.