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! 1
| align="center"|Battery Compartment Cover |
| align="center"|Battery Compartment Cover  
| align="center"|NA |
| align="center"|NA  
| align="center"|1 |
| align="center"|1  
| align="center"|ABS Plastic |
| align="center"|ABS Plastic  
| align="center"|Injection Molding |
| align="center"|Injection Molding  
| [[Image:Camera back interior.JPG |center|thumb|50px]]
| [[Image:Camera back interior.JPG |center|thumb|50px]]

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This product is a dated 1994 RCA CD Player. It has 43 distinct parts.

How It Works

The CD Player basic operation comes from laser reading magnetic data encoded on a CD and feeding that information through the circuit board where it is translated to an electrical current which is fed through the jack to a person's headphone.

The components are the input control devices such as the Play, Skip, and Stop buttons; data modifiers such as volume and bass switches; power supply; circuit board and appropriate wires and ribbons; laser tracking assembly which allows movement of laser eye as CD rotates; and CD rotation motor.

Current Status

The CD player currently spins a CD and displays information on the LCD screen, but does not actually read any data from CDs. Speculate that the laser eye has been damaged and does not relay any information to the circuit board.


The following table lists the Bill of Materials for the RCA CD Player:

Table 1: CD Player Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name Serial Number # Req'd Mat'l Manufacturing Process Image
1 Battery Compartment Cover NA 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
Camera back interior.JPG

  • .112-in Flat Head Screw
  • .120-in Button Head Screw
  • .130-in Countersunk Flat Head Screw
  • .175-in Button Head Bolt
  • .185-in Button Head Screw
  • .260-in Button Head Screw
  • .280-in Round Head Screw
  • .380-in Button Head Bolt
  • .425-in Pan Head Screw
  • Battery Compartment Cover
  • Battery Prongs
  • Bottom
  • Brass Screw
  • Cast Iron Base for Laser
  • CD Rotation Motor
  • Center Mount
  • Circuit Board
  • Faceplate
  • Flip Cover
  • Hinge for Cover
  • Laser
  • Laser Cradle
  • Laser Housing
  • Laser Seat
  • Laser Track Motor
  • Magnet for Laser Assembly
  • Metal Sheet for Laser Assembly
  • Plastic for Laser Assembly
  • Plate for Laser Casing
  • Play Button
  • Rubber Shock Absorber
  • Sheet Metal
  • Sheet Metal for Laser Mount
  • Skip Button
  • Small Spring
  • Spring
  • Stainless Steel Rod
  • T-Shaped Piece
  • Tab
  • Top
  • White Gear for Laser Tracking
  • White Gear for Motor
  • Yellow gear for Laser Assembly