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After reassembly of the sanders, we ran into a couple of difficulties, all of which could be improved upon at the product level. When reassembling the AC sander, we ran into problems while trying to place all of the components in together and fitting the housing on. We happened to break the brush tips while doing this maneuver. The tips were made of some type of carbon material much like the tip of your pencil (possibly graphite) and was very brittle. If a stronger material such as metal was used, this problem would be avoided and the tips wouldn’t break. Another improvement we would recommend is to make more room for the electric wire to be placed within the housing of the AC sander. It took many tries to get the fitting of this sander correct because the wires didn’t have much space to be placed. We would recommend that the housing have a little bit more “play” area for the wires so that reassembly and maintenance would be more straight forward (much like the battery- powered sander). If more tolerance was allowed for the wires to fit in the sander the reassembly would have been much simpler. The only downside to adding this additional space would be that more material would be used and in turn a greater cost to the manufacturer. Considering this alternative's added cost, we still feel that it is worth the small increase in price.