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The table belows lists the components for the HP Deskjet 600c printer:

Table 1: HP Deskjet 600c Component List
Part # Part Name Category Function Material Picture
1 Paper Tray Structural Component Holds Paper that is to be loaded in place Plastic
2 Printer Housing Structural Component Protects internal components from the environment Plastic
3 Large Stepper Motor Input Provides motion to the paper feeder mechanism Metal casing, copper wire, magnet, gear
4 Docking Station Motor Input Controls the motion of the docking station Metal casing, copper wire, magnet, gear
5 Printer Cartridge Holder and Rail Output Slides the Printer head along the railing from left to right Plastic housing and metal rail
6 Paper Feed Gears Transmission Takes the input from the feed motor and controls the feeding of the paper One plastic gear and one metal gear
7 CPU and Power Source Input Controls the entire printer and modulates the power input Silicon, lead, copper, resistors, capacitors
8 Paper Ejector and Advancer Mechanism Motion Conversion Lowers the black bar so paper ejects cleanly, and raises bottom tray Plastic
9 Print Head Motor Input Provides motion to print head Metal case, copper wire, magnet, gear
10 Docking Station Motion Conversion / Structural Cleans and houses printer head when not printing Plastic