Power Scissors

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1. What is the primary function of the device? How does it accomplish it? The primary function of the device is to cut through different materials. There are two blades, the bottom one stays stationary, and the top blade moves rapidly, opening and closing. This action allows the tool to cut through things.

2. List possible user requirements for your product. Provide rationale for each requirement. a. Blades are sharp enough to cut different materials i. Have a sharpening function b. Easy to use i. Has a low weight ii. Has a small size iii. Comfortable to hold iv. Wireless v. Easily accessible buttom to start c. Aestheically Pleasing i. More likely to be bought d. Long battery life, chargeable e. Changeable blades for different materials to cut f. Doesn’t break if dropped

3. List possible engineering specifications. Which user requirement(s) do these correlate to? (Are there any engineering specifications which do not correlate to a user requirement? How about any user requirement which has no associated engineering specification?) 1. Material for jaws is sharper than cutting materials strength 2. Battery Life is ______ long 3. Force of scissors is greater than _____ 4. Weight is less than _______ (5 lbs?) 5. Scissors retain sharpness for _______ (amt of time) 6. torque on motor is ______ 7. External casing can withstand ______ force, to avoid being dropped