Power Ease

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Power ease pic.jpg

Manufacturer: Swingline

Model: PowerEase

Model Number: 87862

Staples: Accepts S.F. 4 staples

Capability: Up to 20 sheets

Additional features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Requires up to 70% less effort
  • QuickLoad staple loading system
  • 100% performance guarantee

CAD Assembly and 3D PDF Assembly Files

Power ease.jpg

PowerEase 3D PDF Assembly

PowerEase Exploded PDF

Click here to download the full CAD Assembly model of the PowerEase (unzip the files in the same folder):

PowerEase Assembly - Part 1

PowerEase Assembly - Part 2

Disassembly Analysis

PowerEase Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name # Req'd CAD File 3D PDF Image
1 Right Housing 1 Right Housing Right Housing
Right Housing.jpg
2 Left Housing 1 Left Housing Left Housing
Left housing.jpg
3 Housing Recoil Spring 1 Housing Recoil Spring Housing Recoil Spring
Pe housing sp.jpg
4 Housing Screw 1 1 Housing Screw 1 Housing Screw 1
Pe housing sc1.jpg
5 Housing Screw 2 1 Housing Screw 2 Housing Screw 2
Pe housing sc2.jpg
6 Handle 1 Handle Handle
Handle power ease.jpg
7 Base 1 Base Base
Pe base.jpg
8 Anvil 1 Anvil Anvil
Pe anvil.jpg
9 Anvil Screw 2 Anvil Screw Anvil Screw
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10 Housing Guide 1 Housing Guide Housing Guide
Pe housing guide.jpg
11 Inner Track 1 Inner Track Inner Track
Pe track.jpg
12 Outer Track 1 Outer Track Outer Track
Pe track out.jpg
13 Track Cap 1 Track Cap Track Cap
Pe track cap.jpg
14 Track Back-stop 1 Track Back-stop Track Back-stop
Pe track stop.jpg
15 Track Friction Plate 1 Track Friction Plate Track Friction Plate
Pe track fr.jpg
16 Friction Plate Pin 1 Friction Plate Pin Friction Plate Pin
Pe track pin.jpg
17 Staple Advance 1 Staple Advance Staple Advance
Pe staple ad.jpg
18 Track Spring 1 Track Spring Track Spring
Pe track sp.jpg
19 Track Spring Rod 1 Track Spring Rod Track Spring Rod
Pe track rod.jpg
20 Magazine Release 1 Magazine Release Magazine Release
Pe mag rel.jpg
21 Magazine Release Spring 1 Magazine Release Spring Magazine Release Spring
Pe mag sp.jpg
22 Strike Plate 1 Strike Plate Strike Plate
Pe strike.jpg
23 Power Spring 1 Power Spring Power Spring
Pe power sp.jpg
24 Power Spring Screw 1 Power Spring Screw Power Spring Screw
Pe power sc.jpg
25 Top Recoil Spring 1 Top Recoil Spring Top Recoil Spring
Pe recoil sp.jpg
26 Power Spring Release 1 Power Spring Release Power Spring Release
Pe sp rel.jpg
27 Release Track Spring 1 Release Track Spring Release Track Spring
Pe rel sp.jpg