Power Ease

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Power ease pic.jpg

Manufacturer: Swingline

Model: PowerEase

Model Number: 87862

Staples: Accepts S.F. 4 staples

Capability: Up to 20 sheets

Additional features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Requires up to 70% less effort
  • QuickLoad staple loading system
  • 100% performance guarantee

Disassembly Proceadure

Power ease.jpg

Click here to download the full CAD Assembly model of the PowerEase (unzip the files in the same folder):

PowerEase Assembly

Disassembly Analysis

PowerEase Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name # Req'd CAD File Image
1 Right Housing 1 Right Housing
Right Housing.jpg
2 Left Housing 1 Left Housing
Left housing.jpg
3 Handle 1 Handle
Handle power ease.jpg
4 Base 1 Base
Pe base.jpg
5 Anvil 1 Anvil
Pe anvil.jpg
6 Inner Track 1 Inner Track
Pe track.jpg
7 Outer Track 1 Outer Track
Pe track out.jpg
8 Track Cap 1 Track Cap
Pe track cap.jpg
9 Track Back-stop 1 Track Back-stop
Pe track stop.jpg
10 Track Friction Plate 1 Track Friction Plate
Pe track fr.jpg
11 Friction Plate Pin 1 Friction Plate Pin
Pe track pin.jpg
12 Staple Advance 1 Staple Advance
Pe staple ad.jpg
13 Track Spring 1 Track Spring
Pe track sp.jpg
14 Track Spring Rod 1 Track Spring Rod
Pe track rod.jpg
15 Magazine Release 1 Magazine Release
Pe mag rel.jpg
16 Magazine Release Spring 1 Magazine Release Spring
Pe mag sp.jpg
17 Strike Plate 1 Strike Plate
Pe strike.jpg
18 Power Spring 1 Power Spring
Pe power sp.jpg
19 Power Spring Screw 1 Power Spring Screw
Pe power sc.jpg
20 Recoil Spring 1 Recoil Spring
Pe recoil sp.jpg