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'''Manufacturer''': Swingline
'''Manufacturer''': Swingline

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Power ease pic.jpg

Manufacturer: Swingline

Model: PowerEase

Model Number: 87862

Staples: Accepts S.F. 4 staples

Capability: Up to 20 sheets

Additional features:

Lightweight design

Requires up to 70% less effort

QuickLoad staple loading system

100% performance guarantee


Power ease.jpg

Click here to download the full CAD Assembly model of the PowerEase (unzip the files in the same folder):

PowerEase Assembly


The stapler housing holds the staples and also the springs that store the energy for the power assist. The housing has two clamshell style halves. For more details on the housing, click here: Power_Ease_Housing


The base allows the stapler to sit on a flat surface and supports the rest of the stapler. The base also serves as a hard surface for the staple to be driven into. For more details on the base, click here: Power_Ease_Base


The handle allows humans to import energy to be stored in the stapler's springs and then released to drive the staple. For more details on the handle, click here Power_Ease_Handle