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Manufacturer: PowerShot

Model: PowerShot

Model Number: 5700MWA

Staples: Accepts Arrow T50 Staples or PowerShot Heavy Duty Staples

Nails: Accepts PowerShot 9/16" or Arrow 5/8" Nails

Additional features:

  • Forward Action: "...works WITH the staple not AGAINST it like traditional staple guns."
  • E-Z Squeeze
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 2 year warranty

CAD Assembly and 3D PDF Assembly

Ps trans.jpg

PowerShot 3D PDF Disassembly Animation

PowerShot 3D PDF Assembly

PowerShot Exploded PDF

Click here to download the full CAD Assembly model of the PaperPro (unzip the two files in the same folder):

PowerShot Assembly - Part 1

PowerShot Assembly - Part 2

Disassembly Analysis

PaperPro Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name # Req'd CAD File 3D PDF Image
1 Right Housing 1 Right Housing Right Housing
Pp right Housing.jpg