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(CAD Assembly and 3D PDF Assembly)
(CAD Assembly and 3D PDF Assembly)
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== CAD Assembly and 3D PDF Assembly ==
== CAD Assembly and 3D PDF Assembly ==
[[Media:paper_pro_seq.pdf|PaperPro 3D PDF Disassembly Animation]]
[[Media:paper_pro_seq.pdf|PaperPro 3D PDF Disassembly Animation]]

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Paper pro pic.jpg

Manufacturer: Accentra

Model: PaperPro

Model Number: 1151

Staples: Accepts standard staples

Capability: Up to 15 sheets

Additional features:

  • Staple gun technology
  • Sleek desktop design
  • 25 lbs. of power from a single finger

CAD Assembly and 3D PDF Assembly

PaperPro 3D PDF Disassembly Animation

PaperPro 3D PDF Assembly

PaperPro Exploded PDF

PaperPro Animated Demo

Click here to download the full CAD Assembly model of the PaperPro (unzip the two files in the same folder):

PaperPro Assembly - Part 1

PaperPro Assembly - Part 2

Disassembly Analysis

PaperPro Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name # Req'd CAD File 3D PDF Image
1 Right Housing 1 Right Housing Right Housing
Pp right Housing.jpg
2 Left Housing 1 Left Housing Left Housing
Pp left housing.jpg
3 Handle 1 Handle Handle
Pp handle.jpg
4 Base 1 Base Base
Pp base.jpg
5 Anvil 1 Anvil Anvil
Pp anvil.jpg
6 Magazine 1 Magazine Magazine
Pp mag.jpg
7 Magazine Stop 1 Magazine Stop Magazine Stop
Pp mag stop.jpg
8 Staple Advance 1 Staple Advance Staple Advance
Pp st adv.jpg
9 Magazine Spring 1 Magazine Spring Magazine Spring
Pp mag sp.jpg
10 Safety 1 Safety Safety
Pp safety.jpg
11 Safety Release 1 Safety Release Safety Release
Pp safety rel.jpg
12 Pin 1 Pin Pin
Pp pin.jpg
13 Lever 1 Lever Lever
Pp lever.jpg
14 Strike Plate 1 Strike Plate Strike Plate
Pp strike pl.jpg
15 Power Spring 1 Power Spring Power Spring
Pp power sp.jpg
16 Recoil Spring 1 Recoil Spring Recoil Spring
Pp recoil sp.jpg