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Title(s): PSMODEL, PowerSHAPE

Version ID: PowerSHAPE 7440 and 8080 (are these tiered versions or releases?) Version 19, Hex: 54 50 53 ASCII: TPS

Date released: November 2008

Creator(s): Delcam

Contributor(s): Delcam

Description: CAD/CAM - PowerSHAPE allows manipulation of the surface form of a CAD model, building from wireframe and making global changes with solid feature operations and editing.


File Extensions: PSMODEL

Applications: CAD/CAM

Format(s): image/photoshop, image/x-photoshop, image/psd, application/photoshop, application/psd, zz-application/zz-winassoc-psd

Rights: Proprietary license

Sustainability Factors:

  • Standardization: Proprietary

Typical use: CAD/CAM