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Title(s): Unigraphics Part

Version ID: NX version 6

Date released: June 30, 2008

Date: October, 1973

Creator(s): United Computing, founded by John Wright and a couple of other people. The original offices were two rooms above a hairdressing salon in Torrance, CA (about 15 miles south of Los Angeles).

Contributor(s): Siemens


  • Contains: N/A
  • Syntax Format(s): N/A
  • Family Format(s): N/A

Description: NX is the commercial CAD/CAM/CAE PLM software suite developed by Siemens PLM Software. NX is widely used in the engineering industry, especially in the automotive and aerospace sectors. NX is a parametric solid / surface feature-based modeler. It uses the Parasolid geometric modeling kernel. NX is a direct competitor to CATIA and Pro/ENGINEER.


Example(s): Unigraphics part Example


Documentation: N/A.

File Extensions: .prt


  • Native application(s): NX
  • Interoperable applications: CADKEY

Magic numbers: 02 50(hex), .P(ASCII)

Format(s): application/prt, application/x-prt, image/x-prt

Rights: Proprietary license

Sustainability Factors:

  • Standardization: None
  • Self-documentation: None
  • External dependencies: None
  • Technical protection considerations: N/A

Typical use: CAD, CAM, CAE, Sheet metal applications, knowledge bases, Quality control and Rapid prototyping

File classification:

  • Type {Binary, Text}: Binary
  • Raster data:
    • Raster data 2D:
    • Raster data 3D: - Can the format support 3D raster data? Example: A format that can contain 2D pixelated data of a 3D model supports 3D raster data.
  • Geometric representation:
    • Implicit representation:
    • Mesh:
    • Parametric representation: - Section describes whether or not the engineering format supports parametric representations.
      • Parametric surfaces:
        • Is Supported: true - Is the feature supported in the engineering format?
        • Description: None
      • Parametric curves:
        • Is Supported: true
        • Description: None
    • Contour sets:
    • NURBS:
  • Multi-resolution models:
  • Dynamics:
  • Boundary representation
    • Manifold surface boundary representations:
    • Manifold volume boundary representations:
    • Non-manifold boundary representations:
  • Material transparency: