Open Artwork System Interchange Standard

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Template:Other SEMI P39 - Open Artwork System Interchange Standard (OASIS) is a specification for hierarchical integrated circuit mask layout data format for interchange between EDA software, IC mask writing tools and mask inspection tools.

The name OASIS is a trademark of the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI). It was developed by a consortium of EDA industry companies via SEMI for the microelectronics/fabrication industry as a replacement for the GDSII format, the IC industry de facto standard for IC layout data exchange for more than two decades.

Like GDSII, OASIS is a hardware- and software-independent binary data format.

It delivers the following improvements over GDSII:

  • An average of 10-50 times smaller file sizes
  • Support of 64-bit arithmetics
  • Unlimited design layers
  • Richer data format for exchange of information between design and manufacturing stages.

The sourceforge page for "layout" contains a list of various layout viewers, some of which also read oasis [1].