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Below are fews pics of my machine I have taken recently.
Below are fews pics of my machine I have taken recently.

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Week 1

Still not decided what kind of robo to make.

Week 2

Actually I am facinated by the concept of a one legged hopping robot since its a challenging dynamics problem and a control problem at the same time. Though it has been proved that with careful design of dynamics and the model, control can be simple..ahh..lets see.

Till then enjoy this link


Week 3

Another week has started and now finally I think I am ready to build my system. The inspiration has come from the gait patterns and locomotion of a cockroach especially when the creature is dealing with obstacles with heights greater than its own. I dont know yet how far I can go with making this machine, but its an interesting problem. I have just started putting together the building blocks and simultaneous simulation for the parts and expect to put up some pictures soon.

Till then I would like to share some of the work done in Case Western Reserve University on this kind of robot, which I intend to build.


Prior to this I have been reading about the control and locomotion in cockroach, Blaberus discoidalis. Great piece of work done by Dr. Roy E. Ritzmann, Professor of Biology and Profesor of Neurosciences.


Week 4

A productive week, I would say. I finalised the design and central structure of my Blaberus Drexcoidalis. Yes, thats what I call my cockroach based on blaberus discoidalis and I am sure I will come up with an interesting and easy name soon. Well, the latest update is that I have put together the nicest lego parts to complete my central structure and a chassis. It has a central drive with two motors, one for each side. Both the motors drive a set of gears which in turn will be used to drive a 3 spokes systems which will eventually serve as the legs of the coackroach. I had some issues with the gear settings initially beacuse of few reasons. One, I was not sure whether having more gears i.e., a bigger drive set will be good for something which will have low ground clearence. Second, I was short of gears for my design (thanks to Mike who helped me out with this). Essentially I wanted to have a low-ground-clearence, longer structure in order to be closer to the real cockroach and to accomodate 6 legs(basically six 3-spoke set) and hence more gears.

The task for next week is to start modeling the assembly, for which I am going to use Pro-E. The design and material for the spokes whch will serve as legs will be finalised also.

Below are fews pics of my machine I have taken recently.

Top View.jpg

Front View.jpg