Mr. Coffee TFX20 Coffee Maker

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This product is manufactured by Mr. Coffee and is one of many programmable coffee maker's that can brew up to twelve cups of coffee. Its programming capabilities allow for pause and serve options as well as setting the timer up to 24 hours in advance before brewing.Tfx20.jpg

How It Works

When cold water is poured into the bucket, it flows from the bucket through the hole in the bottom of the bucket and into the orange tube. The cool water then flows through the one-way valve into the aluminum tube in the heating element, and then partially up through the black tube. This all happens naturally because of gravity.

When the switch is turned on, the heating element starts heating the aluminum tube, and eventually the water in the tube boils.

When the water boils, the bubbles rise up in the black tube and carries the water up the tube. The water flows out the end of the black tube to drip into the filter basket. The hot water and coffee grounds inside the filter basket brew and filter out through the bottom of the basket into the decantur to make fresh ground coffee.


  1. Bottom Casing
  2. Metal Cover
  3. Heating Element
  4. Orange Tube
  5. Non-Stick Warming Plate
  6. Control Panel
  7. Hot Plate Holder
  8. Circuit Board
  9. Transformer
  10. Black Tube
  11. Water Sprout
  12. Removable Filter Basket
  13. Filter
  14. Filter Spring
  15. Water Resorvoir
  16. Casing
  17. Screw
  18. Decantur
  19. Ergonomically Designed Handle

The table belows lists the Bill of Materials for the coffee maker:

Table 4.1: Mr. Coffee TFX20 Bill of Materials
Part # Part Name # Req'd Mat'l Manufacturing Process Image
1 Bottom Casing 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
2 Metal Cover 1 Metal Stamping/Forming
3 Heating Element 1 Aluminum Extrusion/Forming Need to upload
4 Orange Tube 2 Rubber Molding Need to upload
5 Hot Plate 1 Ceramic Forming
6 Control Panel 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
7 Hot Plate Holder 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
8 Circuit Board 1 ABS Plastic, Fiber Glass, Lead, Steel, Copper Forming Need to upload
9 Transformer 1 ABS Plastic, Steel, Iron, Copper Forming, Stamping, and Injection Molding Need to upload
10 Black Tube 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding Need to upload
11 Water Sprout 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
12 Filter Basket 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
13 Filter 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
14 Filter Spring 1 Steel Forming
15 Water Resorvoir 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
16 Casing 1 ABS Plastic Injection Molding
17 Screws 18 Steel Machining Need to upload


  1. The bottom casing serves as a seal to the overall casing of the coffee maker. The design of the casing provides ventillation for the heating element.
  2. The metal cover keeps the heating element and hot plate in place by securing both sides of the metal cover down with screws.
  3. The heating element has a dual purpose and is made of two parts. It boils the water to make the coffee and keeps the finished coffee warm while sitting. One part is the tube for the water to pass through. The other part is the resistive heating element that is powered through electricity.
  4. The orange tubes have a dual purpose. One tube brings the cool water from the resorvoir into the heating element while the other tube brings the hot water from the heating element into the black tube inside the resorvoir.
  5. The non-stick warming plate keeps the finished coffee warm while sitting.
  6. The control panel has the on/off switch which turns power to the heating element on and off.
  7. The warming plate holder provides a casing for the warming plate to be housed. The plastic sealer seals this casing to the overall casing of the coffee maker.
  8. The circuit board controls all electrical competencies of the coffee maker.
  9. The transformer serves as a power converter for the control panel.
  10. The black tube carries the boiling water up from the orange tubes to the water spout at the top of the filter basket.
  11. The water spout brings the boiling water from the black tube into the filter basket.
  12. The removalbe filter basket holds the coffee while waiting for the boiling water from the water spout. This is where the brewing begins.
  13. The filter allows only liquids to pass through into the decantur.
  14. The filter spring allows the filter to move.
  15. The water reservoir holds the cool water before being heated.
  16. The casing provides a housing for the other parts of the coffee maker.
  17. The screws secures objects in place.
  18. The decantur stores the finished coffee.
  19. The handle is used to pick up the decanur safely without being burned.