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I am currently working for GICL as a part-time Research Assistant/Software Engineer.

Contact Information

Martin F. Piecyk

mpiecyk NOSPAM


Currently attending Drexel University in Philadelphia, my interests are focused toward my major, Software Engineering. Tutoring students for two years in high school I was a member of the National Honors Society. Because I graduated in the top ten of my high school class of nearly 300 students, my teachers awarded me as the senior class representative to Channel 6 ABC’s annual "Best of the Class" program (a show which highlights esteemed high school seniors graduating from the Delaware Valley high schools each year).

Aside from academics, I enjoy playing tennis, chess, and programming. Coaching tennis for the National Junior Tennis League at a local playground in my native Mayfair neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia brought joy to the children there. My high school, Father Judge, had the number one chess team in the Catholic League of Philadelphia, to which I had the distinction of playing for the team. Additionally, I relished a stellar varsity tennis career in high school, as the number two singles player, co-captain, and assistant coach.

As remarked above, I have always had a passion for computers. Learning how they operate, I delved into programming, designed my own software applications, and created websites for businesses. Currently working with the Geometric and Intelligent Computing Laboratory on the Digital Archiving and Retrieval Tool, a software system that archives files and related metadata, I am gaining the experience of working on a large project and collaborating with many talented individuals. With an extensive knowledge of over forty computer languages including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, XHTML, CSS, Python, and Perl there is no job too small or large for me and, should the need arise, learning other requisite programming languages would most likely be trivial.


Digital Archiving and Retrieval Tool