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We plan to meet at the same time and place every week to manage this project. Since in most cases assignments are due later in the week we thought meeting early in the week would be best. This is because if we don’t finish or something comes up we can always have an extra meeting. We came to the conclusion that Monday would be the best day to meet because we all have class from 4:00PM to 5:00PM. Since we only have sanders and minimal tools we decided that our meetings will be held at Capen Hall because there are plenty of resources and we don’t have to waste time on traveling.


Project Manager- Timothy Arnold

  1. Will plan make sure timeline is efficient and that the group holds to it
  2. Will keep all members on track and help decide what each member is in charge of for the week
  3. Will make checkpoints with deadlines
  4. Will help others with their parts if they will not meet deadline
  5. Will put all assignments together after everyone has done their part

Technical Expert- Kyle Alano

  1. Will lead in the dissection of the sanders
  2. Will provide list of tools for project and obtain them
  3. Will lead the group in putting the project together
  4. Will find any manuals and paperwork needed for dissection and assembly

Communication Liaison- Matthew Pawlik

  1. Will be the wiki expert
  2. Will be point of contact
  3. Will keep records of contacts and e-mails
  4. Will post weekly meetings on wiki

CAD Expert- Michael Tusevski

  1. Will decide on what we will be drawing
  2. Will take pictures of all parts
  3. Will be in charge of performing drawings on computer

Editor/ Technical advisor- Mahesh Nair

  1. Will edit all documents
  2. Will check all citations
  3. Will help set up wiki
  4. Will assist others if needed



Contact Information

Point of Contact: Matthew Pawlik-