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Engine Dissection Wiki Project ME240/107S



This is a Briggs and Stratton series 91200 engine:Briggs Stratton Engine

- 3.5 Horsepower horizontal engine.

- 9.02 cubic inch displacement.

- 2.56 inch bore.

- 1.75 inch stroke.

Engine main.jpg

Engine Archaeology

The evolution of an engine has had an enormous impact on society in terms of life, culture, environments, and advancing modern technologies. To investigate the impact on society, we discuss the invention and evolution of the engine related to Global, Economic, Environmental, and Societal issues.

- Global Issues:Engine_Global_Issues

- Economic Issues: Engine_Economic_Issues

- Environmental Issue: Engine_Environmental_Issue

- Societal Issue: Engine_Societal_Issue

Electric Car Archaeology

This semester we are exploring the global, societal, economic, and environmental impact of electric cars. Please post your findings using the following links:

Wiki Guide

Wiki tutorial: Wiki TutorialPpt-icon.gif

Guide to Writing Wiki Code for Bicycle: Bicycle Wiki Guide

Supporting Wiki pages

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Engine Dissection Wiki Project ME240/107S : ME107/240 2010S

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