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Title(s): I-DEAS Web Access file (Crushed Ascii)

Version ID: No longer in use

Date released: N/A

Date: 1999-04-14

Creator(s): Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC)

Contributor(s): Siemens PLM Software


  • Previous Version(s): N/A
  • Contains: N/A
  • Syntax Format(s): N/A
  • Family Format(s): NX

Description: MCA was used by I-DEAS Web Access, a program that was merged with Unigraphs to from Unigraphs NX, now known as NX.

History: I-DEAS Web Access was announced in 1999 by SDRC with the foal of providing web-based collaboration and visualization for use with I-DEAS software. SDRC was bought by Electronic Data System (EDS) in 2001. EDS also acquired UGS Corp, the makers of Unigraphs. EDS merged both I-DEAS and Unigraphs into one product, NX. In 2007, UGS was bought by Siemens AG who renamed the company to Siemens PLM Software.

I-DEAS Web Access files are no longer used, as the program was merged into NX in 2001 and Siemens has since been directing people away from the format [1], but some programs are still able to read the files, for example [2], [3], and [4].

Example(s): None

Identifier: None

Documentation: N/A

File Extensions: MCA


  • Native application(s): None

Magic numbers: N/A

Format(s): N/A

Rights: N/A

Sustainability Factors:

  • Standardization: N/A
  • Adoption: N/A
    • Licensing and patent claims: N/A
  • Self-documentation: N/A
  • External dependencies: N/A
  • Technical protection considerations: N/A

Typical use: CAD

File classification: