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In brief, constituting the Management Proposal are: an overview of labor and communications; an organizational representation of scheduled work on the product; an outline of member-specific roles and responsibilities; and a brief note on means of conflict resolution. In the logical sequence of the said sections, the Management Proposal reads as follows.

Management of Labor and Communications

For group 29, Denis Dostal serves as the Chief Contact Person as noted below, meaning that he is the designated point of contact for the group. In the event of compromising and unusual circumstances that prevent the Chief Contact Person from performing competently in the capacity accorded by the said position, the group has also established a Deputy Contact Person so as to ensure a sustained flow of communication within and outside the group. The Deputy Contact Person is Paul V. O’Brien.

  • Denis Dostal (Chief Contact Person) can be reached via either email or phone.
    His email address is:; his contact number is: (646) 705-9034.

  • Paul V. O’Brien (Deputy Contact Person) can also be reached via either email or phone.
    His email address is:; his contact number is: (585) 905-1933.

On the issue of meetings, group members will convene twice every week in Furnas 621 for two to three hours, on days that will vary with the personal schedules of the group members. Days of in-lab meetings will be decided upon progressively so as to include the most members in the disassembly and subsequent reassembly as conceivable, provided various extracurricular commitments and extraordinarily prohibitive circumstances do not derail or impede the progress of the group’s work on the project.

Projected Timeline and Timetable

Figure 1.1: Blueprint for scheduled work on reverse engineering the product.

Figure 1.2: Data for the neighboring Gantt chart.

Designation of Responsibilities

Jason Andreassi:
  • Lead Technician
  • Wiki Contributor
  • Disassembly/Reassembly Technician
  • Group Co-presenter

Denis Dostal:
  • Chief Contact Person/Communication Liaison
  • Lead Wiki Developer
  • Computer-Aided Modeling Technician
  • Disassembly/Reassembly Technician

Michael J. Hilson:
  • Photography & Documentation Technician
  • Wiki Contributor
  • Disassembly/Reassembly Technician

Paul V. O'Brien:
  • Chief Computer-Aided Modeling Technician
  • Deputy Contact Person/Communication Liaison
  • Wiki Contributor
  • Disassembly/Reassembly Technician
  • Group Co-presenter

Catalin A. Popescu:
  • Project Manager
  • Wiki Contributor
  • Disassembly/Reassembly Technician

Breakdown of Nominal Designations

Associate Computer-Aided Modeling Technician:

  • Assists with the visual modeling, using the software package AutoDesk® Inventor®

Chief Computer-Aided Modeling Technician:

  • Presides over the visual modeling of the physical components using the compatible software package, AutoDesk® Inventor®

Chief Contact Person/Communication Liaison:

  • Facilitates all matters of correspondence within and outside the group
  • Modes of communication may involve any variety that will ensure effective, unequivocal transmittal of a given message

Deputy Contact Person/Communication Liaison:

  • Functions as an interim contact person to be addressed in any medium of correspondence on behalf of the Chief Contact Person
  • The responsibility was established to ensure a sustained point of contact in the event unusual circumstances preclude the Chief Contact Person from carrying onwards with the duties conferred by such a designation

Disassembly/Reassembly Technician:

  • Supplies an additional pair of hands to the Technical Expert during the manual labor involved in disassembling and, subsequently, reassembling the product

Group Co-presenter

  • Shares with another member the responsibility of preparing and delivering a presentation of the results gathered from the reverse engineering project

Lead Technician:

  • Oversees the disassembly and subsequent reassembly of the product, and steers the efforts of Disassembly/Reassembly Technicians as necessary

Lead Wiki Developer:

  • Maintains, edits, expands, and enhances the group’s Wiki page as deemed necessary collectively

Photography & Documentation Technician:

  • Attends the in-lab work of Technical Expert and Disassembly/Reassembly Technicians to ensure consistent and accurate record-keeping, incorporating both visual and written media, of the components of the product as they are transferred and stored post-disassembly and subsequently re-integrated for reassembly

Project Manager:

  • Coordinates the completion deadlines for subtasks of the various Gates, and monitors the progress of each member of the group and that of the group as a whole
  • Also arranges for procurement of out-of-lab materials or equipment as necessary

Wiki Contributor:

  • Supplies content to the group’s Wiki page as the project progresses

Conflict Resolution

Issues of difficulty and surrounding circumstances emerging or manifested within the group will be addressed, in general, at times for which labwork on the product has been scheduled. Such matters, of whatever color or variety, will initially receive due attention from the Chief Contact Person for mediating purposes, and thereafter will be disclosed as appropriate to the entire group, should such a course of action prove to be in the interest of all members.

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