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Prefatory to treatment of the Coordination Review is a brief commentary on the lack of reason to submit Causes for Corrective Action, as was provided in the Preliminary Project Review.

In brief, through sustained individual contributions the group averted encounter with substantial challenges or any such issues involving difficulty as to necessitate compromise of the task-oriented work schedule outlined in the tandem illustrations of the Management Proposal ("Projected Timeline and Timetable") of the Request for Proposal. In retrospect, absent prominent adjustments to labor arrangements, meeting times, and member-specific assignments, there does not arise justification for the inclusion of Causes for Corrective Action.

What follows is the Component Summary.

Component Summary

All components of the disassembled product have been listed and detailed in each category of the chart displayed below. Measure for complexity of a given component has been provided using a scale system. Ranging from 1 to 5, with “1” denoting least complexity, the scale is based on three overarching queries:

  1. How Intricate is the manufacturing process, including the duration of such a mechanism to deliver the end product?
  2. How integral is the component to the functionality of the product as a whole?
  3. How many other separate “sub-components” are involved with the component analyzed?

As such, the chart below will satisfy the criteria established for determining component complexity, among other categories included in the arrangement of the chart.

Please click the link below to access the Component Summary.

Chart: Component Summary

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