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Reviewing the group’s dissection of the product, results yield that the dissection of the line trimmer was carried out in near harmony with the "Project Management Timeline", with very few problems encountered along the way. To the group’s time-wise benefit, the complete disassembly of the product required approximately two days to be accomplished, defying the projection indicated in the Gantt chart of the Management Proposal.

The most challenging obstacles confronted during the dissection stage of this project amounted to concerns with planning and time coordination. Owing to schedule conflicts, team members were seldom able to work in unison on the dissection as an entire group; therefore, communication proved vital at this stage. Members corresponded via phone and email with the group leader, Denis Dostal, to apprise him of the times at which they were available for conference, during which deliverables were discussed, established and ultimately delegated.

To solve the issue of coordinating lab work, members teamed up in groups of two, or at times in groups of three, and worked on the dissection project whenever personal schedules allowed them to do so. It was ensured that while the Technical Expert, Jason Andreassi, was available to attend the lab, at least the Group Leader (who also serves as the Chief Contact Person, among other duties) and the Photography & Documentation Technician, Michael J. Hilson, were present as well to accompany and reinforce his efforts at disassembling the product. This method appears to have worked very well as it facilitated compilation of the information collected from the the in-lab product dissection.

Further, delegation and the preserving of accountability proved to be yet again imperative skills that were exercised in this stage. Mr. Dostal ensured that all in-lab work was documented, and sustained reliability and constructive activity within the group by assigning members individual responsibilities involving deliverables with short-term deadlines, which would then be reported to him. To achieve the foregoing, Mr. Dostal created an Excel-generated log that outlines the times at which members visited the lab, for how long and for what purpose. An unfilled version of the form can be accessed by clicking on the link below.


What follows as the second component of the Preliminary Project Review is the Product Dissection Plan. To access it, please return to the Main Page and click on the corresponding link.

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