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==Executive Summary==
[[Image:BDDrill.jpg|thumb|Black and Decker DR202 Drill]]
The Black and Decker® 5 amp 3/8" VSR Drill/Driver (DR202) is a must have tool for any project. This six pound power tool is light enough to be used for the everyday 'do it yourself' tasks while the 5 amp motor is powerful enough for professional carpentry and construction jobs.
On September 25, group 1 was tasked by course MAE 277 (SUNY BUFFALO) to reverse engineer a Black and Decker drill while paying specific attention to its various aspects of design and manufacturing.  The purpose of this project is to reinforce group work skills, technical writing skills and introduces the design process in order to better prepare students for industry.
Tabulated data will be compiled using Microsoft Excel to create tables and charts, and Computer-Aided-Design to produce models of Black and Decker drill components. The compiled information will be uploaded to the internet utilizing a design repository and will be in MediaWiki format.
The group has until December 11 to take a functional Black and Decker drill and: disassemble/reassemble, upload data to MediaWiki, and perform a 6 minute presentation to the fall 2009 MAE 277 class. To ensure that the group stays on task and continues to make forward progress, a series of 4 stages has been established at which point certain criteria must be completed. These four stages and their accompanying due dates are:
• Request for Proposal – 10/9/09
• Preliminary Project Review – 10/30/09
• Coordination Review – 11/23/09
• Critical Project Review – 12/7/09
*each stage has additional subtasks: see Table 1.1 (pg. 5) for the complete Gantt chart
[[Image:Gantt Chart g1_09.jpg|thumb|Gantt Chart]]

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