Grp27: Impurity Screen

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Impurity Screen

Material: Aluminum and Rubber

Quantity: 1

Manufacturing Process: A stamped aluminum screen is formed into a bulge and then sealed onto the rubber.

Function: A screen that filters the water of impurities.


The aluminum was selected for the actual screen because it is strong enough to withstand the force of the water flowing through it and hold the impurities. The rubber was chosen to secure the aluminum in place.

The forces applied to the impurity screen are the water pressure as it flows through and gravity.

The material choice does not affect the manufacturing process because most screens are aluminum and most sealings are rubber.

The screen manufacturing process was chosen because it allows for the cheap and efficient production of screens that will provide long lasting screening of impurities. The rubber ring is manufactured by stamping sheets of rubber and was chosen because it allows for the cheap and efficient production of rings to secure the screens and seal the entryway.

This component is not just a flat screen because that would take much more pressure and would not allow for the screen to collect as many impurities without clogging, as such, it is a bulged out screen.

This component is purely functional.

I believe the stamped aluminum and stamped rubber processes were chosen to allow for the cheap and efficient production of durable and long lasting impurity screens.

This component is not very complex consisting of a screen and a rubber seal.