Group 9 2012 Project Proposal

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\'\'\'Product Identification\'\'\'

For this project our group has selected to dissect the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Nerf gun. It is an automatic Nerf gun that is sold in Toys-R-Us. We have chosen this product because it’s fairly inexpensive and has many mechanical parts such as levers and springs which makes the gun fire.

\'\'\'The GSEE Factors:\'\'\'

       \'\'Global Factors:\'\'

With Research, we discovered that different countries have gun regulation rules that limit sales of certain Nerf guns to minors, as they can be seen as weapons. Some countries base their regulations on how far the gun shoots, so certain factors such as the spring constant in the gun as well as the motor de-rate factors make the gun illegal for sale to minors. Our particular gun shoots 75 feet, which makes it illegal for minors to purchase in Australia, the Philippians, New Zealand, Brazil and China.

       \'\'Societal Factors:\'\'

Since Nerf guns are intended for kids it is important that the guns do not have any sharp edges or pieces that can break easily because they can cause injuries, which can cause lawsuits and loss of sales, or possibly even removal of the product entirely. Nerf guns have impacted parts of society because many people have formed groups and communities where they get together and have Nerf wars. There are many forums online reviewing all the guns and how they work.

       \'\'Environmental Factors:\'\'

Since Nerf guns are made mostly of plastic they are harmful to the environment to make. Finding a more environmentally friendly way to make the guns is important. Since the guns are made of plastic they often break easily and are thrown out, so making them out of a more recyclable material such as biodegradable synthetic material is more environmentally sound.

       \'\'Economic Factors:\'\'

The guns are often really inexpensive to produce. One mold can produce thousands of guns. Since they are cheap to produce they are reasonable to purchase, which is good for children who don’t have a lot of money to spend on toys. \'\'\' Product Complexity:\'\'\'

We expect our gun to have multiple mechanical parts. We assume there are multiple springs, which help the gun to fire and load darts. The springs are compressed and held at maximum potential energy and released to shoot to the gun. The trigger releases the spring, which fires the dart.

Our group has came to the conclusion that this product has a lot of room for improvement and will give us an opportunity to utilize our engineering skills that we have acquired up to this point. It will also give us the chance to expose flaws in the design and parts that the company many have overlooked in pleasing the GSEE factors.