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Craftsman 16" 38cc Chainsaw

\'\'\'Executive Summary\'\'\'

The purpose of this project is to document the entire analysis of the Craftsman 16" 38cc chainsaw. Initially, the product was assessed without any internal observations being made. The product was then dissected and the components were analyzed for manufacturing processes used during development. Improvements to the design of the components and interactions between components are suggested with global, environmental, societal, and economic factors taken into consideration. Then the product is reassembled and comparisons are made to the original assembly process. Design revisions are then suggested to improve the overall functionality of the product again with global, environmental, societal, and economic factors taken into consideration..


Team Overview

\'\'\'Member Name\'\'\' \'\'\'Job Title\'\'\' \'\'\'Strengths\'\'\' \'\'\'Weaknesses\'\'\' \'\'\'Picture\'\'\'
Joe Kisch

Project Manager

  • Leadership & Management Experience
  • Strong Technical Writing Skills
  • Experience with Chainsaws
  • Lacks Experience with AutoCAD
Dennis Ambrosio Primary AutoCAD Designer & Dissection Coordinator
  • Experience with Tools for Dis-assembly
  • Familiar with AutoCAD
  • Strong Writer
  • Lacks Engine Knowledge
Austin Snyder

Wiki Coordinator

  • Mechanically Inclined
  • Familiar with AutoCAD
  • Organized
  • Moderate Wiki Experience
  • Lacks Engine Knowledge
  • Poor Public Speaking
  • Lacks Attention to Detail in Reporting Work

Gate 1: Project Planning

Gate 1 contains the following:

- Management Proposal

- Work Proposal

- Preparation and Initial Assessment

Gate 2: Product Dissection

Gate 2 contains the following:

- Preliminary Project Review

- Product Dissection

Gate 3: Product Analysis

Gate 3 contains the following:

- Coordination Review

- Product Archaeology and Evaluation

Gate 4: Product Explanation

Gate 4 contains the and .

- Critical Project Review

- Product Explanation

- Design Revisions