Group 8 - Black & Decker Jigsaw

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BLACK and DECKER: jigsaw JS510G type 2


The main objective of this project was to take apart and analyze a Black and Decker Jigsaw. Our Group was assigned the Black and Decker Jigsaw JS510G. The purpose of this project is to strengthen group work skills, analyze and understand how the product works. The jigsaw had some parts missing as indicated in the gates. In order to complete this task, the whole project was divided into five separate gates to be completed on specific dates which were:-

Gate 1: Request for Proposal – 10/9/09

Gate 2: Preliminary Project Review – 10/30/09

Gate 3: Coordination Review – 11/23/09

Gate 4: Critical Project Review – 12/7/09

Gate 5: Delivery and Project Completion - 12/16/09

Executive Summary

Group 8 was assigned a blacker and decker jigsaw to be dissected and analysed, this task has been completed in five different parts called gates, out of which gate five is compiling all of them together. The gates and their purpose are as follows:

Gate 1: Gate 1 was an evaluation and compilation of the groups abilities, time constraints, and duties.

Gate 2: Gate 2 was the dissection procedure of the jigsaw and listing of all the components of the jigsaw.

Gate 3: Gate 3 was an analysis of all the components of the jigsaw although there were a few parts missing. an analysis was also conducted on the manufacturing process of each part. Design revisions were also proposed in this gate.

Gate 4: Gate 4 was the reassembly of the product as well as the documentation of each reassembly step.

Gate 1: Request for Proposal

Gate 1 (group 8)

Gate 2: Preliminary Project Review

Gate 2 (group 8)

Gate 3: Coordination Review

Gate 3 (group 8)

Gate 4: Critical Design Review

Gate 4 (group 8)