Group 6 - Kobalt 1/2 in Impact Wrench

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For our dissection we chose a Kobalt 1/2" pneumatic impact wrench. We chose a pneumatic wrench rather than an electric wrench because we were interested in the differences in efficiencies between the models.

We will look at how the design was influenced by various factors and will examine the overall complexity of the tool.


Group Members

John Pfalzer
Amie Vuong
Kyle Schmidt
Michael Wrona
Spencer Heyden

Gate 1 - Project Planning

Gate 1 is the planning phase for the project. It contains a management proposal and the product archaeology.

Gate 2 - Project Dissection

Gate 2 is where the group took the impact wrench apart. It contains challenges faced and product archaeology

Gate 3 - Product Analysis

Gate 3 is where the group did further analysis on the dissected impact wrench.

Gate 4 - Product Explanation and Reassembly

Gate 4 discusses the mechanisms of the impact wrench. It also goes through the reassembly of the wrench and discusses possible design revisions.

Gate 5 - Delivery

Gate 5 contains a summary of the product and the project. It goes through what the group did through each gate. This page contains links to all the other pages and should be viewed as the technical report.