Group 5 - Two Power Sanders

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Ryobi Corner Sander
Battery Powered Ryobi Corner Sander



For the MAE 277 reverse engineering project, our group was given two electric powered RYOBI corner sanders (Model #’s P400 & CFS1502). One of the sanders is powered by an electric cord and the other is battery-powered. Throughout the semester, we will be dissecting and analyzing the components that make these two products work. We will then compare the different results for the two sanders to figure out which one is more efficient than the other.

Gate 1

Work proposal

Management proposal

Product assessment

Gate 2

Causes of Corrective Action

Product Dissection Plan


Gate 3

Component Summary

Design Revisions

Solid Modeled Assembly

Engineering Analysis

Gate 4

Product Reassembly Plan

Reassembly Review

Product Recommendations


Ryobi Corner Cat Power Sander Parts (model #CFS1502)

Ryobi Battery-Powered Corner Sander Parts (model #P400)