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(Gate 5- Product Delivery)
(Gate 5- Product Delivery)
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   Gate 5 contains the Final Assessment and Technical Report.
   Gate 5 contains the Final Assessment and Technical Report.

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Motorized Scooter (Goped)

Goped 1.jpg

Executive Summary

In this project, Group 5 disassembled and reassembled a product called the Goped. Before beginning the project, the group knew the basics of the product. It was a stand-on, gasoline motorized scooter. During the project and analysis, we were able to find more about how the product was manufactured and assembled. We were given a much greater understanding of the Goped’s components, and subsystems that allow it to properly function.

During the disassembly of this motorized scooter, we were able to observe the processes that may have been used to assemble the product and some of the manufacturing processes used. It was discovered that numerous manufacturing methods were used to create the product and that there may have been several factors that affected how each component was made and designed. It was decided that a majority of the Goped was influenced by societal and economic factors. Each component when put into a system was intended to create a desirable product that was cost effective to the consumer and manufacturer.

While observing the processes used to manufacture the Goped we were also able to learn the decisions the engineers designing the product made while creating the Goped. In addition to learning how to disassemble a product we learned skills that will help us immensely as engineers in the future, these skills include learning to work under a deadline, working with a group of people, how to mediate conflicts within a group, and how to properly communicate our results to an audience that may be unfamiliar with the subject of our work.


Name Title Contact Strengths Weaknesses
Matthew Adam Wiki Manager mfadam@buffalo.edu
  • Mechanically Inclined
  • Familiar With Two-Stroke Engines
  • Poor Work Ethic
Joshua Friedman Meeting Recorder joshuafr@buffalo.edu
  • Familiar with Small Engine Dis-assembly
  • Knowledgeable of Basic Hand Tools
  • Easily Distracted
Bryan Kurdziel Project Manager bryankur@buffalo.edu
  • Basic Mechanical Knowledge
  • Goal Oriented
  • Not very familiar with small engines or similar systems
James Rogers Technical Expert jamesrog@buffalo.edu
  • Extremely Familiar with Product
  • Knowledgeable in Dis-assembly of Two-Stroke Engines
  • Poor Writer


This project analyzes the motorized scooter, otherwise called a Goped. This product is to be disassembled and each component will be analyzed to gain a full understanding of how they all interact to create a functioning system. The project is divided into five different gates:

Gate 1- Product Planning

  Gate 1 entails the Work Proposal, Management Proposal, Preparation and Initial Assessment.

Gate 2- Product Dissection

  Gate 2 includes the Preliminary Project Review and the Product Dissection.

Gate 3- Product Analysis

  Gate 3 contains the Coordination Review and Product Analysis.

Gate 4- Product Explanation

  Gate 4 includes the Critical Project Review and Product Explanation.

Gate 5- Product Delivery

  Gate 5 contains the Final Assessment and Technical Report.