Group 4 - DeWalt 1/2 in Hammerdrill (Corded)

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DeWalt 1/2 in Hammerdrill (Corded)
DeWalt 1/2 in Hammerdrill (Corded) with bit changing tool

For this project our group chose to analyze, dissect, and reanalyze the DeWALT DW511 Hammerdrill. Throughtout this project we will investigate the design, answering questions about functionality, aesthetics, manufacturing, and other engineering decisions. In doing so, we will explore the global, societal, environmental, and economic factors which shaped the final design. This process of reconstructing the lifecycle of a product – the customer requirements, design specifications, and manufacturing processes used to produce it. This is for us to understand the decisions that led to its development, otherwise known as the product's archaeology. In addition to performing the product archaeology, we are required to manage the project ourselves. This includes project planning tasks such as decomposition of the project tasks and identifying internal deadlines. Group management tasks must also be completed, including assigning roles, resolving conflicts, and internal communication.

Project Gates

Gate 1 - Group 4: Preparation and Initial Assessment

Gate 2 - Group 4: Excavation (Dissection)

Gate 3 - Group 4: Evaluation

Gate 4 - Group 4: Explanation

Gate 5 - Group 4: Documentation