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(Gate 2)
(Gate 2)
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*Complexity Scale
*Complexity Scale
*Arrangement of Subsystems</blockquote>
*Arrangement of Subsystems</blockquote>
[[Group 3 - Kawasaki Compressor - Gate 2|Gate 2]]
[[Group 3 - Kawasaki Compressor - Gate 2|Gate 2 of Kawasaki Compressor]]
==<b>Gate 3</b>==
==<b>Gate 3</b>==

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Kawasaki Compressor [1]



We are a group of five engineering students taking an MAE 277 Intro to M.E. course at University at Buffalo. During the course of the semester, our group will be analyzing, dissecting, documenting, and reassembling a Kawasaki Air Compressor. We hope to not only gain knowledge of the product at hand, but also learn how to plan according and work as a team to build and analyze a detailed report about our subject.

Group members

  • Bob Neuman: rmneuman@buffalo.edu
  • Brian Webb: brianweb@buffalo.edu
  • Tyler Morris: tylermor@buffalo.edu
  • Will Sassenhausen: wtsassen@buffalo.edu
  • Joe Bruzgul: jpbruzgu@buffalo.edu

Gate 1

Here is a link to Gate 1 of our project outlining:

  • Group Member Background
  • Management Proposal
  • Work Propsal
  • Group Analysis
  • Disassembly Plan
  • Pre-Dissection Analysis
Gate 1 of Kawasaki Compressor Project

Gate 2

Here is a link to Gate 2 of our project outlining:

  • Management Review
  • Product Dissection
  • Tools Used
  • Complexity Scale
  • Arrangement of Subsystems
Gate 2 of Kawasaki Compressor

Gate 3

Here is a link to Gate 3 of our project
Gate 3

Gate 4

Here is a link to Gate 4 of our project
Gate 4


[1]. Kawasaki 8 Gallon Air Compressor with Nailer and Muffle. (n.d.). Used Calgary. Retrieved September 29, 2010, from http://www.usedcalgary.com/classified-ad/Kawasaki-8-Gallon-Air-Compressor-with-Nailer-and-Muffle_12716911