Group 3 - Homelite Fluid Pump (Gasoline Powered) - Coordination Review

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Group 3 Home Page


Coordination Review

Introduce Coordination Review

General Review

Group 3 has been working well since the beginning of the group has been assigned. From Day 1 till now the group has been a lot more organized and continuously stand strong for communication. for example, when the group designated group meetings on Monday and Wednesday there have been a general attendance of above 90% This way we are all on track of knowing the next due date for a gate and allows better distribution of the task at hand. This shows that the group is designated to finish the project to its maximum potential.

During the dissection part of the project everyone participated and showed up for the dissection process. It took the whole day to dissect the product and every group member was there and accounted for. This way we can discuss the next part of the project after the product has been dissected and the group can thoroughly analyzes the next part of the process. This illustrates that the group is working well together and able to still accomplish the task at hand.

Everyone in the group is carrying their own weight and completing their assigned task on time for our groups deadline. There would be sometimes where there have been one thing messed up on a certain project but another member of the group help pick up the slack with no time wasted. Everyone is willing to help each other when needed to. When someone misses a meeting the group always compromises and adjusts accordingly really well by either communicating through text or Facebook posts.

As individuals the group has an average of taking 18 credits for the semester and everyone still manages to have time to finish the group project when assigned. The group has been working around all of the busy schedules to meet up and discuss the project. Also the group lives in different parts of Buffalo. Two of the group members commute and live far away and the other members live in different areas off north campus and south campus. In general, as a group we are also not always business orientated, we are all comfortable with one another to have fun while doing this project it makes things a lot more interesting.

Cause for Corrective Action

Unresolved Challenges


One challenge that group 3 faces is a great deal of communication regarding event planning is verbal, and sometimes left open-ended; Meaning that group 3 plans sometimes neglects to finalize plans or deadlines in group meetings (or online Facebook group posts). It is all decided by word of mouth. Therefore, if we discuss to have a meeting on a designated day not all members would be able to hear about it and the individual group members would find out before or even after the meeting was supposed to commence. This is not a real communication issue it was just a minor setback that could be a serious issue in the near future when failed plans result in insufficient progress toward accomplishing goals.


For this to not happen again group 3 must discuss the plan for the week during our weekly Monday and Wednesday meeting. This way group 3 will have a set plan on whether or not we are going to accomplish a task the next day, or have another meeting during the week to finalize anything. This way we are able to stay in contact and not have any future communication issues. Another solution is if we do set up a meeting or assign another assignment to a certain group member that person must tell everyone either through text, or online communication even if they heard about the information already (and receive RSVP). This is a guarantee that everyone heard about the new information being told.


When group 3 assigns task to every member of the group the problem tends to be is to do this task and hand it in on our set deadline. However, when a group members only know how to do some of the assigned task for the project it sets the group back and we need to help that other member catch up and continue moving forward. When group 3 divides the distributed workload to each member of the group, some did not know how to go about it. Questions like “What necessary requirements enable us to answer this question efficiently?” or even “How do we go about this assigned task?” When the group comes together and discusses each part of the project and individual group members hand in some of the work it hinders the group from moving forward because in order to move on we need to fill in the rest of the information before proceeding. In the end all of the group members assigned task are given to the wiki person to put online if the assignment is not done everything is being put on hold until that assigned task is completed.


Whenever a group member did not finish their assigned task it is necessary to ask another group member to help if needed. If you ask another group member to help you can finish the assigned task on time and understand what the task entails. We are all a group and if any members have trouble it is the group duty to assist that member in that ask. Also, you can use the available resources given to you such as online research, visiting office hours etc: When the assignment it is given it is often given over a decent amount of time so the group members have enough time to get help. If that is not enough group members are always willing to help whenever they can and vice-versa.

Resolved Challenges


In our gate 3 assignment some of the questions might not be answered on time because of the difficulty about the question and how to go about it. After group 3 recognized the mistake this could be a problem for all the gates so we must be aware of what is occurring and deal with the problem immediately. This will hinder the completion of the wiki on time and put a lot of strain in which group 3 would complete the assignment in the last minute. Every member has a distributed workload to be handled and finished by the group assigned deadline.


As said before as group 3 solution towards this problem is to use the available resources given to you prior such as online research, or even visiting office hours. There are thousands of online articles to help with any of the questions any of the group members are stuck with. Also going to office hours cannot be gone wrong. The professors are always there to assist any group if there has been a problem going on. With this in mind, This enables us to continue the project efficiently, give the information to the wiki person, and look it over if the group made any mistakes rather than finishing it in the last minute. It is best to assign tasks suited for each member strengths as much as possible so this problem could never occur.


The challenges facing group 3 have been recounted in general as including issues with organization & orchestration of group members, inappropriate delegation of individual group member tasks (relating to group members\' strengths & weaknesses), and successful completion individual group member tasks (against the odds of group members\' weaknesses). In order to circumvent these issues, the current action plan includes future successful communication (similar to past performance) but with the addition of written documentation which will express the communication in an irrefutable format. Also, all group members will perform segmented tasks which will construct the content of the report for gate 3. As such, individually created group member content will strictly be the responsibility of that individual. Because of this new model for content generation, it is expected that group members take the initiative to "bid" on the sections of this report they would like to undertake. With this new sense of "owning" the content for their respective sections, group members are implored to use any and all available resources to successfully complete the objective of gate 3.