Group 3 - Homelite Fluid Pump (Gasoline Powered)

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MAE 277 Course Project Overview
For this semester’s project, our group dissected the Home lite water pump and it was a process. At first the hardest thing was getting started but after the initiation things really started to flow for the group. There were definitely some kinks to work out, like distribution of work, being effective in communication, and also using time in an effective manner. That was most important thing during the whole project, and if we failed at that, then that just meant more effort from everyone to pick up the pace to meet deadlines. The dissection of the pump, by itself, was very interesting. We took a bit of time to take it apart and took a whole bunch of pictures. It was difficult to know what to emphasize on, and being certain we did not miss anything that we would regret later. So we started with documenting every little thing, which is the reason why it took as much time as it did. But from gate 1 to gate 5, we grew as a group and became more responsible and realistic to the work that needed to be done. We began discussing the start and distribution of work the same day the assignments were given; doing more things along that line to ensure an effective production of work and effort without sacrificing other commitments that our group had since all of us had a pretty intense semester. The evaluation of the components ran pretty smooth being that around that gate, we had the hang of everything and everyone knew what was expected to do. It just became a matter of setting deadline inside the group to meet deadlines for assignments. We as a grouped learned quite a lot about the function of the water pump and how it may have been manufactured, so this was definitely a productive experience. Not to mention all the fun we had together as we grew accustomed to one another.

Product Description

The subject of Group 3's product dissection is a Homelite brand fluid pump (Pictured below in two opposing views).

Homelite Fluid Pump - Left-Front-Top View
Homelite Fluid Pump - Right-Back-Top View

Product Proposal

A link to an electronic copy of Group 3's Product Proposal document.

Project Gates

Gate 1: Project Planning

Project Planning: Includes Work Proposal & Management Proposal content which lay the framework for completing the project's tasks.

Initial Assessment: A thorough analysis of our product - without performing dissection

Gate 2: Product Dissection

Preliminary Project Review: An assessment of Work and Management Plans from Gate 1 above.

Product Dissection: Includes disassembly of the product. This is the first physical dissection experience.

Gate 3: Product Analysis

Coordination Review: Documentation of past and present challenges and resolutions

Product Evaluation: Analysis of the disassembled product

Gate 4: Product Explanation

Critical Project Review: Documentation of past and present challenges and resolutions

Product Explanation: Explanation of the product's mechanisms & reassembly including design revision proposals