Group 3 - Homelite Fluid Pump (Gasoline Powered)

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MAE 277 Course Project Overview:

This group project strives to give students a broader perspective on engineering decisions, providing context for the skills taught in the class. Additionally, it exposes students to basic project and group management tasks. The project affords students an opportunity to demonstrate a mastery of their skills in critical thinking, information synthesis, engineering analysis, technical communication, and other categories.

Product Description

The subject of Group 3's product dissection is a Homelite brand fluid pump (Pictured below in two opposing views).

Homelite Fluid Pump - Left-Front-Top View
Homelite Fluid Pump - Right-Back-Top View

Product Proposal

A link to an electronic copy of Group 3's Product Proposal document.

Project Gates

Gate 1: Project Planning

Work Proposal: How we plan to reverse engineer our product.

Management Proposal: How we plan to manage the Group to meet project requirements.

Initial Assessment: A thorough analysis of our product - without performing dissection

Gate 2: Product Dissection

Preliminary Project Review: An assessment of Work and Management Plans from Gate 1 above.

Product Dissection: Includes disassembly of the product. This is the first physical dissection experience.

Gate 3: Product Dissection

Coordination Review: Documentation of past and present challenges and resolutions

Product Evaluation: Analysis of the disassembled product

Gate 4: Product Explanation

Critical Project Review: Documentation of past and present challenges and resolutions

Product Explanation: Explanation of the product's mechanisms & reassembly including design revision proposals