Group 3 - Black and Decker Drill

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Executive Summary


Before Disassembly

Purpose: The Black and Decker Drill is used to drill screws into various materials (ie. wood, sheetrock). The drill uses an AC current from a wall and directs electricty to a motor to create a rotating motion.

Operation: The product works and runs smoothly. When the drill's trigger is pulled, you can hear the motor and the cooling fan rotating.

Amount of Components: We estimated that the drill is made of approximately ten components. These ten components include: motor, trigger switch, cord, drill bit, level, cooling fan, casing, direction switch, trigger lock, and bit holder.

Types of Materials: We estimated that the drill is made of approximately six materials. These six materials include: plastic, rubber, steel, copper wiring, and water.

Disassembly Procedure

Step 1 Used screwdriver to easily remove the screws that held the casing together.

Step 2 Used screwdriver to easily remove the electrical cord.

Step 3 Took off reverse switch that fits into a hole at the base of the motor. No tool was used.

Step 4 Pulled apart the trigger using pliers. Inside the trigger was two springs, a metal casing, metal strips, wires, and a plastic chip. Pliers were also used to take the parts off, and an alan key was used to push the wires out.

Step 5 The entire motor/drill/field/bit came apart by pulling. No tools were used.

Step 6