Group 36 - Beginner Dirt Bike

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Work proposal: The initial view of the mini dirt bike has shown that a wide array of tools will be needed to disassemble the motor and transmission assembly. The mini dirt bike has been split between two groups. Our team has chosen the motor and transmission portion of the dirt bike.

For the dis-assembly: 1)metric socket set will be needed, starting from 6 mm and going up to 21 mm. Along with 2)A 3/8 ratchet and various sizes of extensions will be needed. 3)An assortment of Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers will also be needed, starting with a number 1 and going to a number 4 just in case that some prying might be needed. 4)box end wrench set will also be needed in the same sizes of the socket set.

Engine Specific: 1)piston spring compressor, and a bearing press to remove and reinstall the pressed in bearing.

Misc: 1)a drain pan for the oil inside the motor. 2)chain breaker in order to remove the engine and transmission from the chassis of the dirt bike.

The complete dis-assembly of the dirt bike engine and transmission should take between 3 and 5 hours. The majority of the disassembly will be in the internal of the engine. The removal of the engine and transmission should only take about half an hour. The remainder of the time allowed will be left in the complete disassembly of the engine and transmission.