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Group 34 is a group assigned for the course MAE277 at The University at Buffalo. This page was created to provide information on the reverse engineering project which the performed on the GM Vortec 4300 V6 Car Engine. This page links to all the gates leading to the final submission of the project. The summaries of each gate are listed below their titles (click on link to access each gate).



The Compliance Matrix of Group 34 can be found here File:Compliance Matrix34.doc


Group Members and Executive Summary

Parth Kalia

Keith Billanti

Chris Moyer

Tae Joon Park

Keith K Selvasakaran Bernard

Upon meeting each other, our team was able to come up with a mutually agreed upon scheme of work. Firstly, tasks rather than pre-assigned roles were the priority and they were assigned to members of the team such that (almost) no one person was in charge of a single task and the workload was distributed as evenly as possible. This way, almost all the tasks could be double checked by at least one other individual in the group. This was done to prevent the occurrence of mistakes and to ensure that no relevant details were left out from our final wiki page.

The titles were assigned after the tasks themselves

Data Administrator: Parth A Kalia

  • Keeping track of dates & deadlines: Maintaining a working timetable of dates for specific tasks as relevant to the various stages of the project.
  • Making Drafts for data to be submitted on Wiki: Writing up reports for wiki page. These will be checked by the Technical Experts for errors in specific facts and data and our Organization and Communications Manager to ensure that all the required data is present.

Lead Technical Expert: Chris A Moyer

  • Assembling/disassembling the product: Performing the assembly and disassembly of the product and gathering a keen understanding of it so as to provide relevant data and facts to the Data Administrator for the draft reports.
  • Proof-reading and correcting Draft Reports: Checking for errors in facts and data on reports before passing on to Wiki Manager.

Assistant Technical Expert and CAD Expert: Keith Billanti

  • Keith Billanti has volunteered for the task of creating the solid models for the product. The piston and rod assembly was chosen and the renderings are posted together with GATE 3.
  • To work with the Lead Expert, Chris Moyer and assist in the assembling/disassembling of the product as well as to add any additional or missing data for the drafting of the reports.

Organization and Communications Manager: Tae Joon Park

  • Organization: Analyze planning process and clarifying required content for due projects, in the process, monitoring for errors in organization and planning.
  • Keeping track of dates & deadlines: Maintaining a working timetable of dates for specific tasks as relevant to the various stages of the project.

Wikipedia Administrator: Keith K Selvasakaran Bernard

  • Wiki Manager: To ensure the timely upload of all the required information and media before deadlines and to ensure that all parts of the Wiki are active and working. Also to decide layout and format of Wiki to ensure simplicity.
  • Media Manager: Editing photos and videos taken during dissection for upload on Wiki page.

Most of the tasks that were assigned were completed without much hassle. However, certain lab dissection's couldn't be attended by all member's due to varying reasons like illness and schedule clashes. The significant tasks were however skillfully and professionally completed by the technical experts.

Communication and Organization

Throughout the project the single biggest tool used for communication by Group 34 was the online message board. Keith Billanti established an account at The group members then created accounts and kept in touch effectively with the use of this message board. Most of the data for final submission was discussed and transferred from one member to next with the use of this message board. The image on the right shows a screen-cap of the board.


This is the initial product assessment and information and also a work plan from our group. The page contains information on the engines uses and component info.


The major highlights on this page include the product dissection plan. Detailed dissection steps are included in a table. Also, photographs accompany each component removed.


Includes a component summary of the Vortec 4300 engine. It also contains solid model's of the engines piston and rod assembly.


A product reassembly plan is included. Also, there is information on the components put back as well additional notes on missing parts and status of the engine after the dissection and reassembly process.